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Communicating the ATT Service

Dave Shrein April 28, 2023

By now, we hope you’ve have an opportunity to complete at least a couple of your digital Assessments. As a friendly reminder, you must complete 4 of these by March 2nd in order to be eligible to sit for the hands-on final exam.

Another important due is March 9th. We request you film yourself: 1. Talking about what the ATT service is AND 2. Communicate how it might be beneficial for a real or imagined client. Please post this recording onto our group APMT FB page. Below, Heath gives a some detail on what we’re looking for as well as a quick example on how you might speak about Advanced Targeted Therapy sessions. One purpose of this assignment is to get comfortable talking about the ATT in your own words. This will be good practice as 10% of your hands-on final will be based on your communicating these 2 points about ATT.