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Conscious Communication: Impeccable Draping

Heath Reed May 2, 2023

Verbal and nonverbal communication go hand-in-hand in establishing the safety necessary for a client to heal, especially when applying intense and unfamiliar bodywork interventions.

As discussed, formulating an agreed upon session goal, an active willingness to giving and receiving requests, and making and keeping impeccable agreements are all
examples of verbal ways to build rapport, trust, and safety.
Impeccable Draping is a nonverbal practice of keeping your agreements.

Clients who are new to you, new to your approaches, new to massage in general, and/or who may have experienced abuse, assault or other trespasses in the past require the utmost empathy, respect, and high regard. This can be accomplished by creating clear, neat, and orderly draping at all times.

Being cognizant to protect modesty and be particularly sensitive to client’s perception so they experience your contact as safe, professional, and trustworthy.