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Essentials for Easy Body Mechanics

CarlosSandoval May 16, 2024

Modifying Body Mechanics around the table is one of the easiest ways we can feel better during and after our sessions. Enjoy the game changing Pro tips and reminders in this section so you can become more masterful in your movements, see more positive results, and feel better and better throughout the longevity of your massage therapy career!  

Your body is always giving you feedback. Are you listening?

Use your body’s sensations as a primary source of information about how easy and healthy (or not) your body mechanics are. When something hurts, change it. Pain is an ally–giving you valuable information. Pain is a warning signal to Stop IT! Experiencing pain while giving is a request from your body that it’s time to invent something new, and do something different. 

We realize that the shapes and techniques we offer are not a one size fits all- Rather, Use every session as a learning laboratory to experiment and open up to new possibilities, postures, and techniques that work for your body. You may have been previously trained to do something and maybe it worked for a while, but now it doesn’t feel good…Not feeling good is your body intelligence’s clearest sign that it’s time to change. You can set yourself up for success by first finding a position that feels good to give. And then find out if it feels good to receive- what we have learned over the years is that often when it feels good to give, it usually feels good to receive.

A poem about balance by Garima Sharma

In the race to prove our worth,

We often forget our own birth.

Caught in the cycle of doing too much,

We lose sight of our own gentle touch.

But hear this, dear friend, loud and clear,

You are enough, there’s no need to fear.

No need to overextend, no need to strain,

Your worth is inherent, it’s not in vain.

Stop the pattern, break the chain,

Find balance, for your own gain.

Help others, yes, but not at your expense,

Value yourself, find inner sense.

You don’t have to sacrifice, you don’t have to bleed,

Your well-being matters, it’s a crucial need.

Remember, dear soul, you’re important too,

Take care of yourself, let your worth shine through.