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Healthy Body Mechanics Essentials

Heath Reed February 26, 2024
  • uncheckedBody Mechanics Essentials Video:
  • uncheckedWhen something hurts, change it
  • uncheckedUse every session as a learning laboratory to experiment and open up to new possibilities, postures, and techniques
  • uncheckedModifying our Body Mechanics around the table is one of the easiest ways we can feel better during and after our sessions. Most of our massage therapist colleagues and friends see themselves as much as an artist as they do a technician. We provide game changing Pro tips and reminders so like any artist, you become more efficient in your movements, more impactful in your positive results, and feel better and better throughout the longevity of your massage therapy career.  
    Easy Body Mechanics teaches therapists to ergonomically move around the table supporting their alignment. Therapists learn advanced postures beyond the basic horse and lunge stances, such as kickstand and instant Maui.  They learn applicable concepts such as “minimal effort, maximum impact,” “bone stacking,” and that “it’s better your legs are shaking than your back is breaking.” 
  • uncheckedAdd conversation about using how it feels in your body as the main indicator. If you’re doing it right. The shapes that we model aren’t necessarily going to be best for your body depending on your body type and the one you’re working on etc. You may have been told previously to do something and maybe it worked before but now it doesn’t feel good and that’s your clearest sign that you want to change it. The first thing you want to consider is get a position that feels good to you first and then find out if it feels good to the recipient