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Self-Care: Head-To-Toe Joint Free “Healing Moves”

Heath Reed May 2, 2023

Throughout the Advanced Pain Management Therapies Certification, you are required to practice and
teach a variety of “Healing Moves” to your practice clients and future ATT clients.
You will also need to role play instructor-assigned, customized healing moves to pass your Final Hands-On Exam.

Healing moves are exercises drawn from yoga therapy, medical qigong, sports-injury rehabilitation, various neurological re-patterning approaches, and other multidisciplinary modalities that utilize conscious breath, movement, touch, and focus. Healing moves are know to generate “pattern interruptions” that disrupt pain signals, provide new kinesthetic awareness and activation and help elongate and extend ATT session benefits.

Re-visit this healing move practice anytime you are feeling stiff or tight.

Consider who or what kind of client would most benefit from a Healing Moves practice designed to move through each joint in the body?

Be sure you can identify 3 physiological benefits that occur as a result from moving the body.