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Spotlight on APMT Certified therapist Ismael Cabrera

Dave Shrein April 28, 2023

You know we are big fans of embodying a loving kindness lifestyle. And we advocate numerous practices for thriving therapists. One of our favorite practices for manifesting our goals is is to begin to imagine how we’d like to think, feel, and act in the future. In this video, we interview APMT grad Ismael Cabrera, who is a top performing ATT service provider. Our hope is that by you hearing some of his learnings and explorations, it will inspire your own growth as a pain management expert. Ismael also offers several tips for how to communicate this service and provides examples on how you might put the ATT into your own words while communicating with clients. Now is the perfect time to invest in your future self by imagining how you can step into your roles as pain management expert, healthcare educator or coach, and a leader in wellness.