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Supine Elbow to Fingers

Heath Reed May 2, 2023
As you support the client’s wrist, roll your shoulders down and back. Lean back towards your back foot and add traction by leaning back and holding. Look for a stretch from wrist to elbow, elbow to shoulder and shoulder to ear.
Avoid working over your technique, which can cause wrinkles in your wrist. Rather get behind your technique. Ask yourself, “how can I create more space in my own joints?”
Check that your knuckles, fist, elbow, and shoulder are all in alignment while you maintain head over heart over hips. Hook in and traction tissue away from the fingers. Press into your back leg as you press down into the body. *Challenge…can you spend 60-90 seconds on this one technique?
Working with one leg in front and one leg behind, leverage the ground reaction force. Check that your shoulder is over your elbow.

A soft forearm is meant to replace the palm.