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Supine Hip to Toes

CarlosSandoval May 16, 2024
Fingers are relaxed. Back of your palm, wrist, and forearm are aligned.
Pro Tip: Support Under Knee, medially rotate lower leg and foot. From here, you can work peroneal muscles at the same time. You can invite the client to integrate call for motion by dorsiflexing/ plantarflexing foot
Kickstand stance will allow you to work with power rather than force.  Find your alignment and watch for micro-rounding in the upper back. Stay with your technique (heel toe) to maintain shoulder over elbow.  Remember: it is ok to move inferiorly (working with gravity rather than against it).  
Follow body mechanics guidelines outlined with Forearm Tibialis Anterior.  *Notice: can you feel the muscle moving underneath your pressure?  If your client cannot find full ROM, you are using too much pressure.
Leverage the Ground Reaction Force by pushing through the back foot through core.  Chech your alignment. Your ear should be over your shoulder and you shoulder over your elbow. Engage your lats!!! 
*Challenge: practice self-awareness by asking how can I take care of my clients and myself at the same time?