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Supine Neck & Shoulders

Heath Reed May 2, 2023
Bring client’s chin to their shoulder and use your soft hand to hook into the fascia and move it lateral.
Move soft fist inferior and posterior down 2nd and 3rd head of traps
Place knuckles on traps and create posterior and inferior motion. (Remember to press your foot into the ground for added pressure and greater ease).
Front knee bends, pelvis sinks, back leg is strong. Push through back foot to deliver power from the core.
Pin down the muscle. As you move the head towards the shoulder, the muscle will move under your pressure to create the technique. Remember: Soft knuckles replace the thumbs and soft fists replace the palms.
This technique will help to activate awareness. Challenge: Invite your client to co-create the session by asking them which technique was their favorite.
Call for Motion techniques activate proprioceptive awareness and re-educate the nervous system.