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Supine Shoulder to Elbow

Heath Reed May 2, 2023
First, locate the manubrium and sternum. Working medial to lateral from the opposite side of table, keep your front leg bent and back leg engaged. Look for speedbumps and wait for the melt. Remember to follow all the way to anterior deltoid.
As you move laterally, heel toe so to stay with your technique. Avoid arching your back! Make sure to carry the technique to the deltoid tuberosity.
As you work laterally check your body mechanics to ensure that your head is over your heart and your heart is over your hips.
Pushing with back foot, bend the front knee to glide/slide and release any restrictions.
Work past the olecranon (past the elbow/ lateral epicondyle).
As you support the client’s wrist, roll your shoulders down and back. Lean back towards your back foot and add traction by leaning back and holding. Look for a stretch from wrist to elbow, elbow to shoulder and shoulder to ear.