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Welcome to Cupping Massage Home Study Course!

Heath & Nicole January 26, 2023

Heath and Nicole welcome you !

To get the most out of this course, we recommend you:

  • Download the Cupping Massage Instructional Manual below and have a digital or printed copy available to reference as you watch the corresponding video lessons.
  • Have something to write with to record any insights and information that is interesting to you. Also, look for and make notes about any information you might see again for your final test.
  • The first time you take the course, follow the lessons sequentially. And set your mind at ease–you can always review any specific sections at a later time, even after you’ve completed the course.
  • After you watch the video and read any corresponding supplemental information for each lesson, click the “Mark as Complete” button to get credit for each lesson.
  • Bring your curiosity and openness to learning exactly what it is you most want and need to learn in a way that is fun, friendly, and full of metta!