Metta Monthly Event

Color Therapy for Light Bringers

All are welcome and no experience necessary.

Learn the basics to the question, “What is light body?” And discover how to wield your potential as a light bringer. Light bringers enjoy playing with visualizations, intentions, and taking action to contribute to healing outcomes for themselves and their community.

In this session, we’ll experience how to easily and reliably clear your own and others’ energetic anatomy. The multidisciplinary approach of Pranic Healing uses specific colors of light to initiate different healing outcomes, like utilizing red for fortifying more energy or baby blue colors for soothing energy.

Learn how to catalyze your healing practice by adding the specific essential characteristics of each color.

Together we’ll explore options for yourself or others as we practice:
Clearing with Light
Chakra Clearing
Twin Heart Meditation
Pranic Breathing

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