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Enhancing Our Immune System

At its root, our immune or “lymphatic” system is fundamentally our body’s waste management system or garbage collector. It is responsible for identifying and cleaning out pathogenic invaders, expired cellular debris, and in general, prevents illness from taking residence in our body. Everyday our bodies are being constantly bombarded by a myriad of microorganisms-from bacterium to viruses to parasites-and optimally, our lymphatic system rallies to stop these harbingers of illness from replicating their malicious machinations.

When our health and wellness are less than optimal, our immune system allows harmful entities into our body. Or conversely, our immune system may mistakenly mount an overreactive and unnecessary auto-immune response against harmless invaders, thereby initiating a cascade of inflammatory and harmful symptoms. Stress, environmental, and/or emotional and mental debris likewise disrupt the sophisticated dance of our body wisdom to determine what is ours, and what is ours to release.

Though it’s true we cannot guard against all pathogens or stressors, we can calibrate our immune systems with time tested mindful movements, breath work and nutrition. Join us as we explore the fascinating world of our body’s lymphatic system and plunge deeper into your body awareness with experiential anatomy. Plus discover simple, potent and immediate tools like medical qigong, conscious breathing, massaging, activating healing acupressure points, and a bevy of other healing lifestyle game changers! Together, we will align the collective wisdom of our minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits with the intention of letting go of what we don’t need, and repurposing that energy to feed our robust health!!

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