Metta Monthly Event

Partner Yoga & Thai Massage Webinar

Celebrate loving kindness, connection and feeling good as you are guided through a series of partner-assisted stretches and Thai massage techniques. The heart of this practice is to expand our capacity to give and receive loving kindness!

Partner Yoga and Thai Massage both promote laughter and creativity, concentration and balance, as well as relaxation and rejuvenation. Together we beautifully weave healing moves that combine stretching, massage, acupressure points, meditation, and metta (“loving kindness”).

Join in the fun with your own partner, family member, friend, or SO. This experiential class is friendly for all levels and you will leave with a relaxed body and happy heart.

What to Have on Hand:
-Wear yoga-type clothes that allow you to easily move and stretch around in.
-Please have a soft surface on the ground to practice on. We recommend lots of blankets and pillows, and if available, a futon is even more comfortable.

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